Reinventing Hydration for a Happier & Healthier World

Healthier Choices

Pure filtered water with natural
infused fruit flavours, no preservatives, no sugars, no calories!

Mint & Lime

Still & Sparkling


Still & Sparkling

& Peach

Still & Sparkling

Blood Orange
& Yuzu

Still & Sparkling


Support your immunity with Zinc

Immediate Impact

Each week, an average Flavour Tap eliminates the need for 800 pieces of single use packaging.

Low Cost

compared to packaged drinks, and premium bean-to-cup coffee.

Fully Digital

Platform, tap management and reporting.


Available now, installation in weeks.

Countertop & Freestanding

Designed to fit in the standard cupboard and integrates seamlessly into your space.


Designed to fit in the standard cupboard and integrates seamlessly into your space.


Everything is self-contained in a single unit. No different to a coffee machine.

Be part of the change

"Aws is delighted to have partnered with Britvic to develop the Aqua Libra Flavour Tap. The tap uses AWS technology, from IoT machine learning, to simplify maintenance and learn how customers interact with it.

We are proud to have collaborated with Britvic to delight their customers with a digitally enabled product, and will continue to innovate together to be a step ahead of consumer expectations."
Darren Hardman, VP and general manager, AWS UK & Ireland.
"It was brilliant to have Aqua Libra at the Blue Earth Summit.

What they are doing to eliminate single use packaging in the drinks industry is potentially huge and they are offering a solution that really does not compromise quality and in the future convenience! Everyone loved the flavour tap!“
Guy Hayler, Co-Founder, Blue Earth Summit